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Berritrans. Gestión ferroviaria
Co-cities. Movilidad urbana
Co-gistics. Cooperative logistics
Freilot. Distribución mercancía
Globope. Internacionalización
Intelvia. Gestión de tráfico
iTOLL. Sistemas de peaje
Mugitu. Ticketing multimodal
S3Road Seguridad en carretera
SmartCEM. Electromovilidad
Voyage. Gestión aeroportuaria

Noticias de Innovación y Economía

3D-Printed Fish Fossil May Reveal Origin of Human Teeth

Three-dimensional prints of a 400-million-year-old fish fossil from around Lake Burrinjuck in southeast Australia reveal the possible evolutionary origins of human teeth. Contributed Author: Australian National University Topics: Evolution …read …

masinformacion (30/09/2016)

Harnessing the Possibilities of the Nanoworld

News Scientists have long suspected that the way materials behave on the nanoscale – that is when particles have dimensions of about 1–100 nanometres – is different from how they …

masinformacion (30/09/2016)

Polish Explorer Says He Found Deepest Underwater Cave

A Polish explorer says he and his team have discovered the world’s deepest underwater cave, 404 meters (1,325 feet) down, near the eastern Czech town of Hranice. Krzysztof Starnawski told …

masinformacion (30/09/2016)

Zika Travel Advisory Issued for 11 Southeast Asia Countries

U.S. health officials are advising pregnant women to postpone travel to 11 countries in Southeast Asia because of Zika outbreaks in the region. The advisory issued Thursday targets travel to …

masinformacion (30/09/2016)

Motorized, Manual & Fixed Electrophysiology Platforms

Product Announcement The Z-Deck range set the benchmark for top quality, height adjustable platforms designed specifically for upright microscopes used in electrophysiology and neuroscience applications. Contributed Author: Prior Scientific Instruments …

masinformacion (30/09/2016)

3D-Printed Bones Show Promise for Future Implants

Article A new method for mending injuries resulting from fractures or similar damage could be on the horizon. Staff Author: Ryan Bushey Topics: 3D Printing …read more Via: R&D Magazine …

masinformacion (30/09/2016)

Secure Passwords Can Be Sent Through Your Body, Instead of Air

News A key element of this method involves using benign, low-frequency transmissions generated by fingerprint sensors and touchpads on consumer devices. Contributed Author: University of Washington Topics: Engineering …read more …

masinformacion (30/09/2016)

Room-Temp Superconductors Could Be Possible

News Creating the right conditions for superconductivity in cuprates also involves adding other chemical elements … Contributed Author: Brookhaven National Laboratory Topics: Energy …read more Via: R&D Magazine All

masinformacion (30/09/2016)

Developing Rapid DNA Analysis Technology

News The key to Schneider’s analysis method is the use of a soap-like nonionic surfactant material. Contributed Author: Carnegie Mellon University Topics: Technology …read more Via: R&D Magazine All

masinformacion (30/09/2016)

Surprise Finding Could Improve Future Handling of Nuclear Waste

News The research looked at species with single and double thorium-phosphorus bonds. Contributed Author: University of Manchester Topics: Chemistry …read more Via: R&D Magazine All

masinformacion (30/09/2016)

Discovery of an Extragalactic Hot Molecular Core

News The finding challenges the hidden chemical diversity of the universe. Contributed Author: National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Topics: Space …read more Via: R&D Magazine All

masinformacion (29/09/2016)

World's First 4-Seater Fuel-Cell Plane Takes off in Germany

News Aircraft engineers in the Western European country have successfully tested the world’s first four-seater plane that uses emission-free hybrid fuel cells to fly. Contributed Author: Associated Press Topics: Technology …

masinformacion (29/09/2016)

Humans May Have Occupied Southern Cone 14K Years Ago

News Arroyo Seco 2 is a rich archaeological site in the Southern Cone. Contributed Author: Public Library of Science Topics: Evolution …read more Via: R&D Magazine All

masinformacion (29/09/2016)

Economical Technique for Imaging Multicore Fibers in Real Time

News Multicore fibers have attracted much attention in the fields of telecommunications, fiber lasers and medical endoscopes. Contributed Author: Optical Society of America Topics: Environment …read more Via: R&D Magazine …

masinformacion (29/09/2016)

Marine Snow Fuels Life on the Sea Floor

News This finding comes from research that may help improve understanding of how features add complexity to seafloor habitats … Contributed Author: National Oceanography Centre, Southampton Topics: Life Sciences …read …

masinformacion (29/09/2016)

Food Additive Key to Environmentally-Friendly, Efficient, Plastic Solar Cells

News These solar cells can be manufactured at room temperature, which has implications for large-scale commercial production. Contributed Author: North Carolina State University Topics: Energy …read more Via: R&D Magazine …

masinformacion (29/09/2016)

Researchers Make Breakthrough in Dewetting Surfaces

News How would you like a kitchen surface that cleans itself? Contributed Author: Northumbria University Topics: Physics …read more Via: R&D Magazine All

masinformacion (29/09/2016)

Nanosensors Could Help Determine Tumors' Ability to Remodel Tissue

News Researchers have designed nanosensors that can profile tumors and may yield insight into how they will respond to certain therapies. Contributed Author: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Topics: Nanotechnology …read …

masinformacion (29/09/2016)

Thailand Suspends Seahorse Trade Amid Conservation Concerns

Thailand, the world’s biggest exporter of seahorses, is suspending trade of the animal because of concern about threats to its wild population. The decision was announced at a meeting of …

masinformacion (29/09/2016)

Researchers Develop Non-Invasive, Glucose-Sensing Contact Lens

Article Searching for a non-invasive way to measure blood sugar levels has become an important effort in helping patients suffering from diabetes. Staff Author: Ryan Bushey Topics: Life Sciences …read …

masinformacion (28/09/2016)

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