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Berritrans. Gestión ferroviaria
Co-cities. Movilidad urbana
Co-gistics. Cooperative logistics
Freilot. Distribución mercancía
Globope. Internacionalización
Intelvia. Gestión de tráfico
iTOLL. Sistemas de peaje
Mugitu. Ticketing multimodal
S3Road Seguridad en carretera
SmartCEM. Electromovilidad
Voyage. Gestión aeroportuaria

Mobility & Logistics news

Voice Support for Warehouse Mobile Devices [New Products]

Wavelink has announced Speakeasy support on the Velocity platform, bringing voice to modernized terminal emulation and web-based applications on the Android operating system. read more …read more Via: Logistics Today …

masinformacion (24/08/2016)

Geodis signe avec Bushnell

Bushnell signe un nouveau contrat de quatre ans pour le prestations logistiques et le pilotage des flux à destination de 9 000 points de vente en Europe du sud Ouest. …

masinformacion (24/08/2016)

Rollover Side Curtain Airbags [New Products]

Scania has introduced rollover side curtain airbags that deploy to protect those traveling in the cab if the truck rolls over. read more …read more Via: Logistics Today Most Recent

masinformacion (23/08/2016)

How to Build a Responsible Supply Chain

By improving environmental, social and governance performance throughout the supply chain, companies can enhance processes, reduce costs, increase productivity, innovate, differentiate and improve societal outcomes. read more …read more Via: …

masinformacion (23/08/2016)

China’s standardised bullet trains enter passenger service

Chinese rolling stock manufacturer CCRC has announced its standardised bullet trains entered passenger service in the country’s Liaoning province on 15 August 2016. …read more Via: European Railway Review » …

masinformacion (23/08/2016)

Czech Railways unveils hi-spec coaches on Prague – Hamburg route

Czech Railways has announced it will be gradually introducing two modern coach types on international routes starting with the line from Prague to Hamburg. …read more Via: European Railway Review …

masinformacion (23/08/2016)

Après l'Ecobulk, le Recobulk

Schütz Recobulk est un emballage Ecobulk recyclé avec les mêmes normes de sécurité et de qualité qu’un IBC neuf dans le monde entier. L’Ecobulk conçu par Schütz constitue le système …

masinformacion (23/08/2016)

Arvato s'étend en Italie

Sa filiale santé ouvre un nouveau centre de distribution à Calcinate, près de Bergamo destiné aux produits pharmaceutiques. Jusqu’à présent, l’équipe était basée sur un entrepôt central à Harsewinkel en …

masinformacion (23/08/2016)

JDA réduit sa dette

JDA Software Group a conclu un accord avec les fonds Blackstone et New Mountain Capital pour recapitaliser la société à hauteur de 570 millions de dollars. Ces investissements vont permettre …

masinformacion (23/08/2016)

VarodaRent Uses RFID to Manage Rented Moving Equipment

The Dutch company cut its office labor costs nearly in half by using the technology to track which containers, dollies and other items are shipped to customers, as well as …

masinformacion (23/08/2016)

Indra joins JV to develop smart urban traffic management projects in Algeria

Indra has become a member of Mobeal, an Algerian public-private joint venture, alongside Algerian public companies EGCTU and ERMA and Spanish company Sice, with the objective of modernising the country’s …

masinformacion (23/08/2016)

Econolite Group appoints new president and COO

Econolite Group (EGI) has appointed Abbas Mohaddes as president and COO, succeeding David St Amant, who is scheduled to retire at the end of 2016. Mohaddes will work closely …read …

masinformacion (23/08/2016)

GTT expands transit and traffic solutions services with GTT New England

Global Traffic Technologies (GTT) is expanding its service offering in the US states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, with the opening of GTT New England, …

masinformacion (23/08/2016)

Mobileye and Delphi partner on SAE Level 4/5 automated driving solution

Computer vision systems specialist Mobileye and Delphi Automotive, which specialises in automated driving software, are to collaborate to develop a complete SAE Level 4/5 automated driving solution. The solution will …

masinformacion (23/08/2016)

UK university projects shows wireless sensors could improve rail crossing safety

A study by rail experts at the University of Huddersfield in the UK has concluded that railway crossing safety could be improved by networks of tiny wireless sensors attached to …

masinformacion (23/08/2016)

Ohio moving towards self-driving vehicle testing

Ohio’s toll road, a heavily travelled connector between the East Coast and Chicago, is moving closer to allowing the testing of self-driving vehicles. Testing is likely to begin within 12 …

masinformacion (23/08/2016)

Drum Dollies [New Products]

Akro-Mils has introduced two circular drum dollies designed to safely move 55-gallon drums or 5-gallon pails. read more …read more Via: Logistics Today Most Recent

masinformacion (22/08/2016)

Will Uber’s Acquisition of Otto Lead to Cargo Service for Long-Haul Trucking?

Otto said that with Uber it can build the backbone of the rapidly-approaching self-driving freight system. “We can help make transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone, whether …

masinformacion (22/08/2016)

FM Global Breaks Ground on Unique Loss Prevention Training Center in Singapore

FM Global, one of t

masinformacion (22/08/2016)

Crossrail awards final major contract of project

The last major contract of the Crossrail project has been announced indicating the end of one of the of the UK’s largest procurement programmes. …read more Via: European Railway Review …

masinformacion (22/08/2016)

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