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Adimen Portua. Smart Ports
Berritrans. Gestión ferroviaria
Co-cities. Movilidad urbana
Co-gistics. Cooperative logistics
Freilot. Distribución mercancía
Globope. Internacionalización
Hope. Public eco-mobililty
Intelvia. Gestión de tráfico
iTOLL. Sistemas de peaje
Mugitu. Ticketing multimodal
Neptune. Developing industries
S3Road Seguridad en carretera
SmartCEM. Electromovilidad
Voyage. Gestión aeroportuaria

Nazioarteko albisteak

Trading Privacy for Convenience Is a Bad Deal

How much do you want your delivery company to know about you? …read more Via: Logistics Today Most Recent

+ informazioa (15/12/2017)

Over Half of Warehousing Companies Will Upgrade Mobile Devices

53% of IT decision makers supporting warehouse operations view their mobility deployments as immature. …read more Via: Logistics Today Most Recent

+ informazioa (15/12/2017)

AAR reports carload and intermodal gains for week ending December 9

Carloads, at 267,963, were up 3.4% annually, and intermodal containers and trailers rose 4.6% annually to 292,793 units. …read more Via: LM Editorial

+ informazioa (15/12/2017)

BTS reports a new all-time high for Freight Transportation Services Index

October’s Freight TSI reading of 129.2 marks a new all-time high, topping August 2017′s 129 by 0.2%, as well as the third all-time high set over the last four recorded …

+ informazioa (15/12/2017)

CSX announces top executive E. Hunter Harrison is on medical leave

Class I railroad carrier CSX reported late yesterday that the company’s Chief Executive Officer and President E. Hunter Harrison is on medical leave, due to complications from a recent illness, …

+ informazioa (15/12/2017)

Bombardier to deliver 47 safety-enhanced Trams to Duisburg

Bombardier Transportation has been awarded a contract valued €132m (£116m) with Duisburger Verkehrsgesellschaft AG to supply 47 of its Flexity Trams to help reduce local road traffic and air pollution …

+ informazioa (15/12/2017)

T-Box, le camion de demain ?

Durisotti a présenté sa TBox, système de livraison à tiroirs. Il s’appelle T-Box et a concouru au prix de l’innovation du salon international des solutions de transport routier et urbains …

+ informazioa (15/12/2017)

Tax reform agreement paves way for new infrastructure spending

Now that trucking and transport interests are applauding what appears to be the first major cut in corporate taxes in 30 years, they are hoping the applause they are heaping …

+ informazioa (15/12/2017)

Cegid prend du poids avec Cylande

Cegid vient d’acquérir Cylande, qui oeuvre dans l’édition de progiciels pour le commerce spécialisé (‘Retail’) Cette acquisition renforce la position de Cegid dans l’édition de solutions logicielles dédiées au secteur …

+ informazioa (15/12/2017)

Promote Safety with Regular Maintenance of Loading Dock Equipment

Advancements in loading dock technology and planned maintenance programs are reducing risks for warehouse workers. …read more Via: Logistics Today Most Recent

+ informazioa (14/12/2017)

Blockchain Points Way to `Massive Change' for Commodity Supply Chain

In most food-supply chains it might take weeks to figure out where it went from source to destination, and in some cases, the source may not be known, but on …

+ informazioa (14/12/2017)

Transportation equipment financing to remain an attractive option for truckers

2017 was a strong year for the equipment finance industry. …read more Via: LM Editorial

+ informazioa (14/12/2017)

Lessons from Leonardo da Vinci We Can Apply To Supply Chain

As supply chain professionals we can certainly learn and take inspiration from da Vinci. Successful supply chain professionals are by nature, mostly analytical thinkers. …read more Via: SCMR Editorial

+ informazioa (14/12/2017)

Logistics Emissions Moves into the Climate Spotlight

Transportation is the second biggest global emitter of greenhouse gases, yet the logistics sector is often left out of the climate conversation. …read more Via: SCMR Editorial

+ informazioa (14/12/2017)

4 Steps to Effective Change Management in 2018

Digital transformation: It’s the initiative on everyone’s lips, but what’s less clear is how to go about it effectively. The challenge is compounded when you’re working with processes that become …

+ informazioa (14/12/2017)

Justine Culioli rejoint Affine

Justine Culioli rejoint Affine en tant que directeur adjoint en charge des acquisitions et développements. La nomination de Justine Culioli au poste de directeur adjoint en charge des acquisitions et …

+ informazioa (14/12/2017)

A wee dram goes further than you think thanks to

It’s one of the world’s favourite food exports and it’s important to keep the whisky flowing at all times. As the US writer, Mark Twain said: “Too much of anything …

+ informazioa (14/12/2017)

Alkemics digitalise les PME du Retail

La plateforme collaborative automatisant le partage de données produits entre marques et distributeurs élargit rapidement sa communauté. Visant les 17000 TPE et PME de l’agroalimentaire, son offre s’enrichit d’un accès …

+ informazioa (14/12/2017)

Narrow-Gap Segmented Transfer Plate

Flexco has introduced a Segmented Transfer Plate option for 1.5” to 3” gaps between conveyor belts to help prevent product and foreign object debris from jamming in the transfer. …read …

+ informazioa (14/12/2017)

Fine print trucking regulations snag NAFTA modernization talks

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is strongly lobbying to tweak – not trash – the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA.) And it’s not just transport companies who are leading …

+ informazioa (14/12/2017)

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