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Adimen Portua. Smart Ports
Berritrans. Gestión ferroviaria
BonVoyage. Intermodal mobility
Cimec. Cooperative ITS Mobility
Co-cities. Movilidad urbana
Co-gistics. Cooperative logistics
Freilot. Distribución mercancía
Globope. Internacionalización
Hope. Public eco-mobililty
Intelvia. Gestión de tráfico
iTOLL. Sistemas de peaje
Mugitu. Ticketing multimodal
Neptune. Developing industries
S3Road Seguridad en carretera
SmartCEM. Electromovilidad
Voyage. Gestión aeroportuaria

Nazioarteko albisteak

Maersk présente son premier porte-conteneur non polluant

Le géant danois annonce un premier porte-conteneur zéro émission, entièrement propulsé au bio-méthanol, en mer dès 2023. Ce premier navire de 180 mètres de long pourra embarquer 2000 containers. C’est …
+ informazioa (09/03/2021)

Global Supply Chain Managers Should Brace for GDP Surge, Says IHS Markit

Industry analysts expect the U.S GDP to expand at 5.7% this year on impact of $1.9 trillion COVID-19 pandemic relief package. …read more Via: SCMR Editorial
+ informazioa (08/03/2021)

Driving Value from PLM Investments with Cloud-Powered Product Engineering

The future of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and product engineering is in the cloud. …read more Via: SCMR Editorial
+ informazioa (05/03/2021)

Sharing the Reverse Mission

“Towards the Circular Economy,” a recent report published by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, notes that conversations about circular economy (CE) are increasing. …read more Via: SCMR Editorial
+ informazioa (04/03/2021)

L'Uberisation peut-elle disparaître ?

Le modèle économique promu par Uber fait l’objet de contentieux juridiques dans le monde entier, à commencer par l’Italie et la Grande-Bretagne. Quel impact de la justice sur le modèle …
+ informazioa (04/03/2021)

Blume Global Launches Terminal VIP Solution with Fenix Marine Services

Bloom Global, a leader in global logistics and digital supply chain solutions, has developed what it describes as an “innovative, expedited VIP platform” for Fenix Marine Terminal customers in the …
+ informazioa (03/03/2021)

Leveraging “The Loop” Key to Profits This Year

Industry analysts note that mounting returns pressures have been reshaping the global reverse loop landscape, as shippers now must find the right amount of space at the right time to …
+ informazioa (03/03/2021)

ISM reports another solid month for services economy in February

The reading for the report’s key indicator—the Services PMI (formerly the Non-Manufacturing PMI)—came in at 55.5 (a reading of 50 or higher indicates growth is occurring) in February, which was …
+ informazioa (03/03/2021)

ProMat goes digital with ProMatDX 2021

With the theme of “Power Up,” ProMatDX 2021 will take place in April in a fully virtual format that showcases the latest solutions that supply chain professionals need to improve …
+ informazioa (03/03/2021)

Get ready for the rebound…

There’s plenty SCMR content this month for executives positioning their supply chain for the rebound. …read more Via: SCMR Editorial
+ informazioa (03/03/2021)

Ferrero abandonne un projet logistique dans l'Eure

Le groupe agroalimentaire italien retire son projet d’entrepôt logistique de 35 000 m2 de Criquebeuf-sur-Seine (Eure), face à un recours de France Nature Environnement, rapporte Les Echos. ” Nous retirons …
+ informazioa (03/03/2021)

Resilience360 and Riskpulse, Combine and Rebrand as Everstream Analytics

Resilience360 and Riskpulse unveiled today a new company name and brand reflecting the integration of the two companies and launched a new platform that combines the unique capabilities of two …
+ informazioa (02/03/2021)

Maisons du Monde s'automatise

La croissance de Maisons du Monde en France et en Europe modifie son barycentre logistique. Pour sécuriser ses approvisionnements grand import et réduire l’empreinte carbone de sa distribution, l’enseigne ouvrira …
+ informazioa (02/03/2021)

On Bringing Transparency in Jewelry Supply Chains

Much attention has been drawn to how supply chains are being affected but one notable topic seems to have been completely overlooked. Ethical supply chains require much more vigilance from …
+ informazioa (01/03/2021)

Lights! Camera! Action!  Supply Chain Professionals – Take Center Stage

We’ve toiled away for years in relative obscurity and have had to explain over and over to our friends and relatives what we do for a living. We’ve been the …
+ informazioa (01/03/2021)

Peerless Media LLC titles receive accolades from Feedspot

Peerless Media LLC is pleased to announce that three of its publication titles recently received accolades from Feedspot, a content reader comprised of RSS (really simple syndication) feeds, which enables …
+ informazioa (01/03/2021)

The lure of “earned preferential treatment”

EPT is viewed as the reward for being a good customer. But what does it mean, and how do you achieve it for lasting results and competitive advantage? …read more …
+ informazioa (01/03/2021)

ISM reports strong manufacturing gains for February

In its monthly Manufacturing Report on Business, ISM said that the report’s key metric, the PMI, was 60.8 (a reading of 50 or higher indicates growth), which was 2.1% higher …
+ informazioa (01/03/2021)

Manufacturing output sees strong growth in February, reports ISM

In its monthly Manufacturing Report on Business, ISM said that the report’s key metric, the PMI, was 60.8 (a reading of 50 or higher indicates growth), which was 2.1% higher …
+ informazioa (01/03/2021)

What supply chain leaders need to know about virtual collaboration

The shift to remote work and virtual collaboration was abrupt, but it’s likely to endure. …read more Via: SCMR Editorial
+ informazioa (01/03/2021)

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