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Berritrans. Gestión ferroviaria
Co-cities. Movilidad urbana
Co-gistics. Cooperative logistics
Freilot. Distribución mercancía
Globope. Internacionalización
Intelvia. Gestión de tráfico
iTOLL. Sistemas de peaje
Mugitu. Ticketing multimodal
S3Road Seguridad en carretera
SmartCEM. Electromovilidad

Nazioarteko albisteak

Deere-Hitachi Excavator Factory Improves Work-in-Progress

The company has deployed AeroScout RFID tags and exciters to identify when an excavator passes from one work station to the next, or is pulled off the assembly line. …read …

+ informazioa (22/10/2014)

7 Ways to Strengthen Assurance of Supply with Technology

One of the greatest supply chain challenges that companies face is to reliably and profitable meet global demand. Outsourced manufacturing, lengthy global supply chains, a large number of suppliers, and …

+ informazioa (21/10/2014)

3PL Leaders to Convene in Chicago Next Week

Of special interest to readers of Supply Chain Management Review will be “Americas Update,” which will look into the future of the market in the Americas and assess how firms …

+ informazioa (21/10/2014)

Armstrong advises 3PLs to gear up for 2015

Of special interest to readers of Logistics Management will be “Americas Update,” which will look into the future of the market in the Americas and assess how firms will be …

+ informazioa (21/10/2014)

Heppner trace ses colis

Heppner a choisi la solution Collect’n Deliver de Neopost ID pour tracer ses colis en temps réel jusqu’à la livraison. Manquant d’un tracking allant jusqu’au destinataire pour permettre la confirmation …

+ informazioa (21/10/2014)

Un Astre brille en Europe

Le groupement de transport et logistique Astre a vu 8 nouvelles étoiles européennes s’ajouter à son réseau et l’offre Palet System s’étend sur le continent. Astre ne descend certes pas …

+ informazioa (21/10/2014)

Crossrail completes tunnels in Docklands and southeast London

Crossrail’s train tunnels in Docklands and southeast London are now structurally complete, following the breakthrough by tunnel machine Ellie at Victoria Dock Portal in east London… …read more Via: European …

+ informazioa (21/10/2014)

Patrice Le Franc chez Dynasys

L’expert en solutions de “demand & supply chain planning” a annoncé la nomination de Patrice Le Franc au poste de responsable des services EMEA. Il aura en charge d’accompagner la …

+ informazioa (21/10/2014)

Joint letter EIA-ERFA-UITP regarding concerns Romanian General Transport Master Plan

The full text of the letter is available by clicking on the picture below. …read more Via: European Intermodal Association

+ informazioa (21/10/2014)

20-year battle over strengthening entry level truck driving training still runs hot

After 20 years, two congressional mandates and countless lawsuits and lobbying efforts, safety advocates and the Teamsters union still say there are too many inexperienced rookie truck drivers hitting the …

+ informazioa (21/10/2014)

Cable Company Reels in Benefits With RFID

Keystone Cable’s warehouse in Singapore has deployed a solution consisting of Xerafy passive UHF tags, a Phychips dongle reader and SIMTech’s smartphone app, reducing the time employees spend searching for …

+ informazioa (21/10/2014)

Transpacific ocean carriers to charge shippers more for intermodal

Congested U.S. port terminals, harbor and over-the-road truck and driver shortages, slower trains and longer rail terminal dwell times due to increased domestic rates have not only disrupted service but …

+ informazioa (20/10/2014)

Port of Long Beach gives shippers more “free time” to ease congestion concerns

Southern California shippers are getting a break on container dwell expenses for the next ten days as the Port of Long Beach announced that it had added an extra three …

+ informazioa (20/10/2014)

Balancing Financial Settlement and Inventory Levels Remain Key Concerns For Supply Chain Managers

Some offshoring trends are also presenting new challenges …read more Via: SCMR Editorial

+ informazioa (20/10/2014)

Do Flags of Convenience Enable Ebola?

U.S. shippers have been assured by a variety of governmental agencies that cargo vessels of Liberian Registry are no more vulnerable to carrying the Ebola virus than vessels sailing under …

+ informazioa (20/10/2014)

Nouveau MBA Logistique

L’AFTRAL, l’Ecole des Ponts Business School et l’IML lancent le MBA “Innovation and Value Chain Management” qui démarre à Lyon au 1er semestre 2015. Le terme un peu barbare de …

+ informazioa (20/10/2014)

Virgin Trains’ Wi-Fi upgrade

Nomad Digital, the global leader in wireless on-board passenger services, has signed a contract with Virgin Trains to undertake a fleet-wide Wi-Fi upgrade… …read more Via: European Railway Review » …

+ informazioa (20/10/2014)

Stadler produces first intercity for Sweden in record one year time

Stadler Rail has handed over the first unit of the altogether 6 FLIRT intercity trains that it produced for the Hong-Kong based private operator MTR Express for operation in Sweden… …

+ informazioa (20/10/2014)

A new catalogue for TVH

The Parts & Accessories division at TVH-Thermote &Vanhalst is the one-stop shop for parts and accessories for material handling, industrial and agricultural machines. People who want to get to know …

+ informazioa (20/10/2014)

Waberer's ouvre une filiale en Angleterre

L’un des plus grands transporteurs européens a ouvert une filiale à Felixstowe,un grand port à conteneurs du Royaume Uni Pour Waberer’s, ce positionnement géographique est idéal. Le transporteur dessert les …

+ informazioa (20/10/2014)

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