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Adimen Portua. Smart Ports
Berritrans. Gestión ferroviaria
BonVoyage. Intermodal mobility
Cimec. Cooperative ITS Mobility
Co-cities. Movilidad urbana
Co-gistics. Cooperative logistics
Freilot. Distribución mercancía
Globope. Internacionalización
Hope. Public eco-mobililty
Intelvia. Gestión de tráfico
iTOLL. Sistemas de peaje
Mugitu. Ticketing multimodal
Neptune. Developing industries
S3Road Seguridad en carretera
SmartCEM. Electromovilidad
Voyage. Gestión aeroportuaria

Mobility & Logistics news

Danube Ministers of Transport conclusions on effective waterway rehabilitation and maintenance anticipating COVID-19 challenges

Danube Ministers of Transport conclusions on effective waterway rehabilitation and maintenance anticipating COVID-19 challenges Mon, 29/06/2020 Danube navigation is strongly impacted by the measures needed to contain COVID-19 in Europe. …

+ información (29/06/2020)

Le fret ferroviaire veut doubler sa part de marché en 10 ans

L’alliance 4F (Fret ferroviaire français du futur) vient de publier ses propositions pour relancer le fret ferroviaire en France. L’objectif est de reconquérir une part de marché de 18% d’ici …

+ información (29/06/2020)

Tailoring Apparel Supply Chains for the Future

Apparel brands and retailers can use the COVID-19 crisis to take stock of existing business models and create more stable and sustainable supply chains for the future. …read more Via: …

+ información (26/06/2020)

New Gartner survey takes deep dive into global sourcing and supply chain resiliency

A new survey released this week by global research and advisory company Gartner examines how the trend of moving sourcing and manufacturing operations out of China is on the rise, …

+ información (26/06/2020)

AAR reports annual U.S. carload and intermodal declines for week ending June 20

Rail carloads—at 201,823—slipped 21.8% annually, and intermodal units—at 255,455—were down 4.4%. …read more Via: Logistics Management

+ información (26/06/2020)

Une station de rechargement de batteries en extérieur

Fronius Perfect Charging, spécialiste de l’alimentation électrique durable dans l’intralogistique, lance une station de charge flexible et mobile sur le marché, qui peut être installée en extérieur : le Fronius …

+ información (26/06/2020)

SAP extends open access to SAP Ariba Discovery through the end of 2020

SAP Ariba Discovery allows any buyer to post immediate sourcing needs and to enable any of the four million suppliers on the Ariba Network to respond with their ability to …

+ información (26/06/2020)

ProGlove et StayLinked s'associent pour leur approvisionnement

ProGlove, spécialiste des wearables pour l’industrie et StayLinked, le développeur d’applications mobiles et intégrateur IIoT (Internet industriel des objets) tirent parti de leur expertise respective en matière de matériel et …

+ información (26/06/2020)

Amazon ajoute 12 Boeings à sa flotte

Le géant du e-commerce ajoute douze avions supplémentaires à sa flotte, ce qui porte le nombre total à 82. Amazon souhaite ainsi accélérer ses livraisons et réduire sa dépendance aux …

+ información (26/06/2020)

Only 10% of Companies Have Customer-Centric Supply Chains for Resilience, Says Accenture

Just 10% of companies were on the right path to building customer-centric supply chains that are resilient and enable growth prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new report …

+ información (25/06/2020)

The New Definition of Multi-Carrier Parcel Shipping

As companies recover from COVID-19-related supply chain disruptions, logistics managers are applying key learnings and revising their fulfillment strategies accordingly. …read more Via: Logistics Management

+ información (25/06/2020)

FourKites’ data shows some encouraging signs, but it is only a start

At a time when nothing is really close to normal, in the conventional sense, due largely to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, recent data from Chicago-based FourKites, a provider of real-time …

+ información (25/06/2020)

It's Time to Digitize Your Back Office

To accelerate growth and profitability, shippers need to eliminate manual back-office functions and integrate processing across the entire supply chain with carriers and other trading partners. However, knowing which processes …

+ información (25/06/2020)

American Chemistry Council endorses call for GAO study on impact of Precision Scheduled Railroading

Late last week, on the heels of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee signed off on the Investing in a New Vision for the Environment and Surface Transportation in America …

+ información (25/06/2020)

Interroll optimise les stocks de la cidrerie Kerné

La cidrerie artisanale bretonne Kerné a choisi Interroll pour optimiser son espace de stockage et augmenter le nombre de niveaux. La contrainte ? Ses bouteilles de jus de pommes ou …

+ información (25/06/2020)

European Union signs aviation agreement with the Republic of Korea

European Union signs aviation agreement with the Republic of Korea Thu, 25/06/2020 …read more Via: CE – Mobility and Transport

+ información (25/06/2020)

Un nouveau directeur commercial Software chez Savoye

Diplômé de l’INSEEC Bordeaux, passé par l’Angleterre et les États-Unis, Frédéric Bouchet entame finalement sa carrière en France chez l’éditeur de solutions de gestion Cegid. S’en suivent des activités de …

+ información (25/06/2020)

Le guide Aslog de l'Intralogistique est paru

L’acteur en immobilier EOL et et le réseau français des professionnels de la supply chain ASLOG publient la version 2020 du livre blanc de l’intralogistique, référencant les solutions logistiques mécanisées, …

+ información (25/06/2020)

Spot truckload posts and rates are gaining traction, reports DAT

DAT reported that posted loads, for the week, headed up 15.6%, following a slower trajectory the previous week, with spot van and refrigerated rates regaining momentum that had been building …

+ información (24/06/2020)

Big Wheels Keep on Turnin'

Trucks continue to move—in many cases faster than usual—to respond to the demands placed on the industry by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new data from the American Transportation Research …

+ información (24/06/2020)

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