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Adimen Portua. Smart Ports
Berritrans. Gestión ferroviaria
BonVoyage. Intermodal mobility
Cimec. Cooperative ITS Mobility
Co-cities. Movilidad urbana
Co-gistics. Cooperative logistics
Freilot. Distribución mercancía
Globope. Internacionalización
Hope. Public eco-mobililty
Intelvia. Gestión de tráfico
iTOLL. Sistemas de peaje
Mugitu. Ticketing multimodal
Neptune. Developing industries
S3Road Seguridad en carretera
SmartCEM. Electromovilidad
Voyage. Gestión aeroportuaria

Mobility & Logistics news

CEVA expands relationship with Ford Motor Company

CEVA said it will provide inbound transportation logistics services for Ford’s Coldwater, Michigan-based Coldwater Origin Distribution Center (ODC), adding that its transportation operations will be based in various Michigan locations …

+ información (26/06/2014)

CER and UNIFE call for a Transport Pillar within the 2030 Framework for Climate and Energy Policies

The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies and the Association of the European Rail Industry encourage the Member States to consider a transport dimension for the post 2020 climate …

+ información (26/06/2014)

Mechan to make trio of express deliveries

Rail depot equipment specialist, Mechan, has secured a hat trick of contracts to support the Department of Transport’s flagship Intercity Express Programme… …read more Via: European Railway Review » Rail …

+ información (26/06/2014)

RFID News Roundup

CipherLab intros software suite for its 8600 mobile computers; Great Wolf Lodge New England implements PDC’s Smart Band RFID system; Norway’s postal service deploys HID Global access-control technology; Lab ID …

+ información (26/06/2014)

Lots of “Risky Business” when it comes to the intersection of the environment and the economy

In the Wall Street Journal this week, a report cited how Henry Paulson, for U.S. Treasury Secretary, Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York, and hedge-fund billionaire Tom Steyer banded …

+ información (25/06/2014)

Résilience de la chaîne d'approvisionnement

FM Global a sorti un outil interactif permettant aux entreprises de quantifier le risque d’interruption de leur chaîne s’approvisionnement. L’indice de FM Global classe ainsi la Norvège, la Suisse et …

+ información (25/06/2014)

Liaison Dijon-Zeebrugge

ECS European Containers, opérateur logistique intermodal, a lancé un nouveau service ferroviaire dédié aux conteneurs 45 pieds entre Perrigny-lès-Dijon et Zeebrugge. Avec un aller-retour par semaine pour la phase de …

+ información (25/06/2014)

Clean Energy opens up another natural gas fueling station

The company said that this new natural gas station enables heavy-duty LNG truck fueling along the transcontinental Interstate 10 highway between Los Angeles, Calif., and Houston, Texas, with other stations …

+ información (25/06/2014)

Chep, champion du développement durable

Chep France est le pays qui affiche les meilleurs résultats sur le développement durable : 850 000 km économisés et une réduction de 5,5% de CO2 par palette. En 2011, …

+ información (25/06/2014)

France-Mexique par la mer

DHL Global Frowarding a ouvert une nouvelle ligne de groupage maritime directe entre Le Havre et Veracruz au Mexique. Avec un temps de transit de 14 jours, ce nouveau service …

+ información (25/06/2014)

Witron équipe Mercadona

Le leader de la distribution alimentaire en Espagne a de nouveau fait confiance à la technologie OPM de Witron pour équiper son nouvel entrepôt surgelés à Abrera, près de Barcelone. …

+ información (25/06/2014)

Ulma lance le système FFS

Le système FFS développé par Ulma-Daifuku permet d’atteindre un haut flux de mouvement avec une capacité de manutention simultanée de 4 à 8 caisses ou plateaux. Dans ce système FFS, …

+ información (25/06/2014)

Impact Handling partners with MAFI and Carer to grow heavy-duty truck division

Impact Handling has increased its offering of heavy-duty materials handling and distribution equipment after being appointed as the sole UK distributor for two new major manufacturers – German-based MAFI and …

+ información (25/06/2014)

New Cross Hospital Boosts Hand Hygiene, Efficiency via RTLS

The British medical facility has deployed a solution, provided by TeleTracking and CenTrak, to tracks the location and status of assets, patients and personnel. …read more Via: NEWS RSS …

+ información (25/06/2014)

MARAD accepting applications for Marine Highway designations

MARAD officials said that “eligible projects should establish new or enhance existing Marine Highway services that reduce landside congestion and increase the use of domestic marine transportation,” adding that “proposed …

+ información (24/06/2014)

Diesel prices increase for first time in eight weeks, reports EIA

After seven straight weekly declines, the average price per gallon of diesel gasoline finally went in the other direction, rising 3.7 cents to $3.919 per gallon, according to data issued …

+ información (24/06/2014)

Hong Kong Shippers Warn of “Hunger Games of the Sea”

While U.S. shippers may have been surprised by China’s decision to oppose the P3 Network, there had been rumblings of discontent voiced by their counterparts in Hong Kong for some …

+ información (24/06/2014)

Panjiva Partners With China Trade Data Firm

A little more than a year after it established a partnership with Export to China (ETCN), a Chinese information, consulting, and commercial platform helping international enterprises with China import-export trade, …

+ información (24/06/2014)

FedEx Freight is Upbeat

As was the case from a company perspective, fiscal fourth quarter output for less-than-truckload market leader FedEx Freight was strong, the company reported in its earnings announcement late last week. …

+ información (24/06/2014)

Still au Maroc

Le fabricant de chariots a signé un partenariat avec la société française A.PSV Diffusion pour proposer des solutions personnalisées aux grands acteurs du marché. Depuis son siège de Casablanca, le …

+ información (24/06/2014)

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